Rotation of life has its charms and also its moments of bewilderment. The true nature of any beast relies heavily on your reaction to it. The more you freak out, the more things seem worst. Maintaining a pure sense of reality and strong will for self are the essential tools needed to go up against the curveballs of life.

As my life would have it, I recently became a member of the 9% unemployed in America. One would assume, in this economy which is teetering on the brink of another reception (did it ever end?), that I would drive myself insane from the worry of not knowing when the next job opportunity to come. But I’m not easily persuaded to give up all hope. I could have. Hell, it took a whole 6 weeks before my unemployment benefits were approved and funds issued. A very hard 6 weeks, I might add. Luckily, I had the pleasure of meeting a select few individuals who kept a hand on my back and held me in their prayers. Grateful, indeed.

The key is to flow with the chakra of life, keeping yourself the main focus of your success while not getting bogged down in the unnecessary drama. The unnecessary leads to defeat…and I’m not ready to take a bow.



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