DC Cabbies vs. SE Residents

  I wonder sometimes when the hypocrisy will stop. It’s sort of an open fact in DC that taxicabs do not serve Southeast DC. If you so happen to be downtown trying to get home, flag down a cab and he ask where you going. As soon as you say southeast, the cab driver tells you he doesn’t go there or is headed in a different direction (bull), Unfortunately, this is the norm in our city and no one seems to want to do anything about it.

The thing that really amazes me is the taxi industry in DC are seeking the raise fares and have more say in regulation. Really??? Before DC cabbies demand more money in their pockets from everyday folks here in our great city, they first must show some damn respect for residents in southeast and put a stop to this open discrimination. Cabbies have made it very clear that money from southeast residents are no good, useless in their eyes. Want to know the ironic part? This i an open fact in DC.

If DC cabbies are concerned about their safety when accepting rides to and from southeast, maybe those individuals should seek a different line of work. You rarely hear Metro bus drivers refusing to pick up passengers because they’re concerned about their safety.

I wonder what Marion Barry think about this. *crickets*



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