Welcome and thanks for visiting my new website, If anything, I’ll mostly just be running my mouth about politics, the roads I take in this life of mine and everyday things that pop up in my head.  I am one who accepts risk and take on challenges like eating a whole box of cupcakes without thinking twice about the possible weight gain or heart-attack. This has been the fine print in my life since the day I was born. You take things for what they are and keep it moving.

I’m a huge political junkie. Everyone in my life knows this. Growing up under the great presidency of Bill Clinton can really change a young man’s life. He understood how government can work for you while acknowledging that you, an American citizen, must also do your part. The aura of that can do spirit was supported by his belief in civil rights for all and special privileges for none, in giving poor people a hand up rather than a handout and showing that work was better than welfare. Inspiration that can last many generations.

This site is still a work in progress…just as your life would be. You’re never complete until your heart stops. Join in on the conversation and actually stand for something.



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